Become a Certified Senior Data Scientist (SDS™)

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SDS™ Certification Program Details:
Duration Self-paced
Program Fee USD 650
Eligibility 4+ years of work experience in IT/ Data Science/ Computing/ Business Analytics/ Business Intelligence
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*Valid through October 2021
Senior Data Scientist

Best suited for IT professionals keen to lead data and business intelligence projects

The SDS™ certification is designed for professionals who are among the finest in data science globally.


Globally Acknowledged

SDS™ is ranked among the top 5 data science certifications worldwide by CIO Magazine. The world’s finest industry experts in big data have designed the SDS™ program for technology professionals who have to deal with advanced statistics, deep learning, machine learning, and data models.

Senior Data Scientist Certification Globally Acknowledged

Built on A Robust Knowledge Framework

The SDS™ is based on the world’s first, most robust Data Science essential knowledge framework (EKF™ Release:11-1.3) – a framework that validates SDS™ holders in 5 essential knowledge dimensions and 30 core professional knowledge topics.

It spells out a number of strategic and business knowledge dimensions world-class Data Scientists must possess to grow in their career.

Key Highlights:

  • 01
    Aligned to the market needs of the most important global business regions
  • 02
    Adds a bigger, more international edge to your employability
  • 03
    Underscores commitment to the highest standards of competence
  • 04
    Exhibits a sound, accurate, and complete understanding of data science
Robust Knowledge Framework

SDS™ Examination Coverage

Industry-Relevant Learning, Designed for
Data Professionals

  • 15%Data Science Applications in Business +
    Framework of data science use-cases for business; organizational strategy and data analytics; information, intelligence and visualization approaches of data scientists; “by" analysis; score development; monetization and metamorphosis exercises.
  • 18%The Functional Framework of Data Science+
    The framework of data science functions and tools; interconnection of business intelligence, big data analytics and data science; the Data Lake; applications of analytics in organizational decision-making and strategy implementation.
  • 17%Driving Business Through Big Data Analytics+
    The big data business mandate; Big data business model maturity index; preparing the big data strategy document; the importance of the user experience; catalyzing business performance and outcomes through business intelligence.
  • 15%Building Pan-Organization Support+
    Developing cross-departmental buy-ins to analytics-led functioning; envisioning data science impacts on organizational performance; leading development of enterprise-wide data analytics ecosystem.
  • 15%Data Science Essentials for Data Scientists+
    The Data science roadmap; programming languages; visualization and simple metrics; machine learning fundamentals; machine learning classification; technical communication and documentation.
  • 10%Big Data Analytics Essentials for Data Scientists+
    Unsupervised learning: clustering and dimensionality reduction; regression fundamentals; Data Encoding and File Formats; High-volume streaming data storage; real-time streaming data architectures; stream and batch data processing; software engineering best practices; Natural Language Processing; Time Series Analysis; fundamentals of Statistics, Linear Algebra and Probability.
  • 10%Advanced Data Science for Data Scientists+
    Performance and computer memory; computer memory and data structures; maximum likelihood estimation and optimization; advanced classifiers; stochastic modelling.

World’s Best Learning Resources for Senior Data Scientists

DASCA provides the official certification preparation kit for individuals registered for the SDS™ credential. The learning resources contains all essential knowledge areas that give you a competitive edge in the Data Science field. This DASCA official exam preparation kit consists of:

  • The Data Science Handbook 1
  • The Data Science Handbook 2
  • Online learning and preparation resources
Learning Resources for Senior Data Scientist

Who can apply for SDS™ Certification?

  • Work Experience

    4+ years in IT/ Data Science/ Computing/ Business Analytics/ Business Intelligence

  • Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree

    In Computer Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Engineering/ Applied Sciences/ Economics/ Finance/ Management


A Few Global Companies where SDS™ Certified
Professionals Work

  • Bank of America
  • VISA
  • Deloitte
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • accenture
  • Scotiabank
  • AllianceData
  • FirstBank
  • P&G
  • Infosys
  • Swiss Re


The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) researches, designs, and builds platform-independent Data Science knowledge frameworks, standards, and credentials, and certifies individuals entering or working across the spectrum of emerging Data Science professions. DASCA’s SDS certification enables professionals to address the most challenging big data problems and data science applications at the global level.


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