Why Get Data Science Certified

  • Stuart Horsman

    Stuart Horsman

    Commonwealth Bank, Australia
    Cloudera Certified Professional Data Scientist

  • $124,000 advertised salary for professionals with Big Data expertise

  • Kay Malcolm

    Kay Malcolm

    Oracle, USA
    Oracle Big Data Certified Implementation Specialist,

  • IBM, Cisco and Oracle together have 26,448 open positions for Big Data

  • Bryan Miletich

    Bryan Miletich

    American Express, USA
    EMC Data Scientist Associate,

  • 63% of hiring managers think certified employees are more productive

  • Shuling Liu

    Shuling Liu

    Capital One, USA
    SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9

  • For a Fortune 1000 company, a 10% increase in data accessibility results in almost $65 million additional net income.

  • Eric M. H. Goh

    Eric M. H. Goh

    Nanyang Technological University,Singapore
    Certified Big Data Science Analyst

  • 73% of organizations plan to invest in Big Data by 2017

  • Amy Sampays

    Amy Sampays

    JPMorgan Chase,UK
    HDP Certified Developer

  • Gregory M. Hunt

    Gregory M. Hunt

    Randstad Technologies ,USA
    HP Accredited Technical Professional (ATP) - Vertica Big Data Solutions

  • Ryan King

    Ryan King

    General Motors,USA
    Associate Certified Analytics Professional

  • US will face a shortage of about 190,000 Data Scientists by 2018

  • Big Data spending is expected to reach $48.6 billion by 2019

  • David Gillen

    David Gillen

    Cloudera Certified Professional Data Scientist

  • Melissa Lee

    Melissa Lee

    AT & T, USA
    SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9

  • 64%of hiring managers strongly consider certifications when evaluating applicant's qualification